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To register as a returning students for the new session, you should possess a working Debit card from with account balance adequate enough to handle:

  • Appropriate Portal Access payment
  • Appropriate School Fees payment

Then follow these easy steps:

  1. Sign In
  2. Pay Portal Access Fee
  3. Pay School Fees
  4. Register Courses

Sign In

  • On the Home Page, type your User ID (you should have your User ID and Password as a returning student of this University. Please Contact Help Desk to retrieve your if you have forgotten them) and click Log in
  • If you have not paid your Portal Access Fee, you will be prompted to do so. Enter the PIN generated from your online transaction or Click Buy PIN to recharge your portal account and make payments.

Pay School Fees

Remember that during Sign up, you were given an online account. To be able to pay fees, you need to recharge your account first. You should have enough in your account to enable you pay fees from it.

To Recharge your account:

  • Log in to with your User ID and Password.
  • Click Account Options and click Recharge A/C
  • Enter the PIN generated from your online purchase, or click Buy PIN and follow the instructions to buy your School Fees PIN.
  • Click Submit after entering your PIN
  • If your recharge was successful, you will be informed that you have recharged your account.The same message will also display your previous balance and your current balance after recharging.
  • You can follow the same procedure to continue recharging your online account.

To Pay School Fees

  • After recharging your account, Click Make Payments
  • From the Fee dropdown list, select the fee you want to pay
  • To view the details of the fee, click Details
  • Click Pay Fee to pay the fee online If the payment was successful, you will be informed that you have successfully paid the fee you selected. The same message will also display your previous balance and your current balance after payment of the fee.

To Print your receipts

  • Click Account Options and click Receipts and a list of fees for which you have made payments will be displayed
  • Click on the name of the fee. The details of that fee will be displayed in a different window. The details will contain the amount of the fee, your name, department and other details.
  • Print that page; that is your receipt.

Register Courses

Any course you are taking for the semester must be registered online. Scores will not be entered for courses that are not registered online. During course registration, failed courses in the previous semester will be registered automatically before other courses. To register your courses online:

  • Log on to the UST website at
  • Sign in with your User ID and Password
  • Click SERM
  • Click Course Registration
  • Select the Semester
  • Enter your address while you are in this institution in the Current Address box
  • The courses you are supposed to take are already chosen for you.
  • Click Register


A very important and essential part of being a student of this University is the completion of registration. This is the process by which you are a student confirm your studentship with the university. Each student needs to register online at the beginning of each session. Registration for returning students entails payment of portal access fees (to enable you access the online portal of the university), payment of stipulated school charges and fees and course registration.

What happens if I do not register?
You need to register to confirm that you are a bonafide student of the university for that session and that the details the University holds are correct and up-to-date. If you do not register: You won't be able to register your courses for the semester and session. Your access to facilities, libraries and online services will be at risk and will be removed. You will not be able to take examinations, have scores or complete your degree. If you are a new student or returning to do a new programme of study, you will need to Sign up once you have checked your details online and then complete the registration process online.


Part-Time Study
Part-time courses are popular because of the flexibility they offer to students who may need to work while they study, or who have family commitments. Part-time students account for almost a third of our student population here at the University. Part-time courses are studied over a longer period of time than their full-time equivalents but students spend fewer hours per week in a classroom - courses could involve day release, day plus evening, or evening only study. Information about these options can be found from the relevant faculty or course page. General entrance requirements are the same for full- and part-time students, although part-time application procedures and financial information differ from those for full-time students.

Applying for a part-time course
Application procedures vary from faculty to faculty, and sometimes from course to course. The University usually advertises for applications from candidates. During this time, You may apply online. However, courses have limited places and to avoid disappointment you should apply early. You will be required to complete an application form online and possibly take a screening test. If selected, you will receive a written offer of a place together with instructions on how to register and join the course. All entrants are required to enrol and pay the relevant fees before they are permitted to attend classes. The decision that the University makes about your application and your fee status is based on the information provided on your application form. If we find that you have made a false statement or have left out significant information, we reserve the right either to withdraw or amend our offer or to amend your fee status.

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