Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer Office

Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer Office (IPTTO) is an office established by The National Office of Technology Acquisition and Promotion (NOTAP) Intellectual Property refers to the intangible creations of the mind including;

  • Inventions,
  • literary and artistic works,
  • symbols,
  • names,
  • images, and
  • designs used in commerce.

NOTAP is one of the 33 Parastatals of the Federal Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation.  established across the Nation in 58   Tertiary Institutions and Research Institutes since its inception in 2006.IPTTO Rivers State University is one of them

Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer Office

Duties And Responsibilities

  • Enhance the transfer of knowledge and technology
  • Promote interaction between knowledge industry and productive sector of the of economy
  • Develop robust IPR with potentials to achieve national economic growth.
  • Apply for Patent for all innovations emanating from the Institution’s Research and development.
  • Assisst refocus R&D projects
  • Participate in research coordination


  • Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer Office (IPTTO) was successfully set up in 2017 after ten years of inactivity. The Unit was officially Commissioned on October 17TH 2017. Following this commissioning, the Rivers State University IPTTO has made giant strides in facilitating the Patenting of novel and innovative results of Research and Development. The effort has yielded   four Patented Research results  and Prototypes   development.
  • The Pressed Meter                                                                                CERT.NO.010059
  • The Smartsyst        –                                                                                CERT.NO.010141
  • Multipurpose Periwinkle De-Shelling Machine-            CERT.NO.010062
  • Dietary Supplement With Oil And Herbal
  • Combinations And Method Of Preparation                        CERT.NO.007113

Two other research results and their prototypes are undergoing the process of patenting. They include:

  • Table Wine Produced From Matured Coconut Water , Roselle Leaf And Honey NOTAP/IPR/413F/18
  • A Natural Polyvalent Anti-snake Venom                                                          Awaiting     Acknowledgement


NameRankArea Of Specialization
Eme Efioanwa OrluProfessorDirector
Moria Ihuoma IchenwoAdministrative Officer IIAdministrative Officer II
Director Of IPTTO

Prof. Eme Efioanwan Orlu

Professor Of Reproductive Physiology/Genetics

 Director Of Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer Office (IPTTO)

I am a female academic with over thirty years’ experience as a lecturer and an administrator. During this service period, I have been guided by the principles of integrity, equity and excellence. I have a vast experience in Life Sciences with skills in Histology and Histopathology with Computer -Interphase Microscopy, Chromosome preparation and Karyotyping, DNA Isolation, Polymerase Chain Reaction, Computer assisted evaluation of semen quality and quantity in any animal as well as human, Artificial insemination and Embryo transfer in experimental animals, Estrus cycle regulation, Cryopreservation, Animal physiological response to Endocrine Disruptors and Male and female Reproductive toxicity,

 My ongoing Project in the development of Anti-oxidant for holistic health as “Dietary Supplement with Oil and Herbal Combinations and Method of Preparation” has received a CERT.NO.007113

I am an excellent and proficient Microscopist able to provide sights, insights and Solution to the impacts of environmental toxicants including pesticides on Liver, Kidney Male and female germ cells.