Directorate Of Establishment - Introduction

The Establishment is a Directorate of the Registry Department. It is the nerve centre of the Registry Department as it performs major Registry functions, such as record-keeping, handling of personnel matters, pensioners matters, staff postings, production of statistics of staff, staff training and other ancillary services.

As a Division of the Registry Department, the Establishment predates the establishment of the University. This is because the defunct College of Science and Technology already had a robust Registry Department under which the Establishment existed. As the transition from college to university in 1980, gave the Registry Department of the University the advantage of continuity so did the Establishment. In essence, the Establishment is as old as the University.

Objective Of The Unit

To Maintain Flawless Record-keeping

The Establishment is a Division principally in charge of safekeeping of staff records and staff welfare. Over the years the Division has been very meticulous in performing these very functions. However, it is her aim to maintain the feat. 


To digitise the record-keeping function

It is one objective of the Establishment Division to digitise or computerise its recordkeeping function. This is partly the function of the Migration Section, though the Section requires the modern facilities for improved work delivery.

Prospect Of The Unit

1. The Establishment Division is hopeful that with the continuity of the vibrant administration in the University, the functions of the Division will be computerised in the nearest future and networked for ease of work.

2. The Division looks forward to organising regular training for its staff for improved work delivery.

Duties/Responsibilities Of The Unit

The Establishment, as a division of the Registry Department, performs, among others, the following duties or responsibilities:

  • Safekeeping of Staff Records – The records of all staff of the University are safely kept at the Establishment in staff personal files (SPF) and can be retrieved at when required. In addition, the Division also manages staff files by replacing old/torn files with new ones.
  • Opening of Files for New Staff – The Division opens files for newly employed staff for safekeeping of their records.
  • Participation in Organising Staff Training and Retraining – The Establishment participate actively in training and retraining of staff for improved work delivery and productivity.
  • Issuance of Various Letters to Staff – The Establishment issues to staff letters of appointment, regularisation of appointment, confirmation of appointment, upgrade, conversion, promotion, retirement, posting, etc.
  • Conveyance of Management Policies and Circulars. The Establishment Division conveys to staff all Management policies and circular for staff awareness and compliance.
  • Supervision of Faculty Appraisals – The Director, Establishment, and other scheduled staff of the Division attend all Faculty Appraisal Panel meetings to ensure the Regulation on Promotion of academic staff is adhered to.
  • Production of Staff Nominal Roll – The Establishment Division produces Staff Nominal Roll and submits same to the Bursary Department for update and subsequent submission to the appropriate Government quarters for payment of salary for the affected month.
  • Provision of Information on Staff Retirement – The Division provides the University Management with information on staff who are due for retirement and issues Letter of Notification for Retirement.
  • Processing of Staff Retirement Benefits– The Establishment Division processes the retirement benefits (such as pensions and gratuities) of staff who have retired from the service of the University. There is a Section in the Division designated to handle this duty, called the Pensions Section.

Structure Of The The Establishment

The Establishment Division is structured as follows:

Office of the Director

The Director is the Head of the Establishment Division. He reports to the Registrar of the University and handles the day-to-day running of the Division. Dr .(Mrs.) Idanyingi Ibinye Daminabo is the current Director of Establishment Division. The Director has a Secretary who handles all secretarial duties of the office. The Establishment Division is made up of the Academic Section, Non-Academic Section, Junior Staff Section and Records and Pensions Section.

Academic Staff Section

A Deputy Registrar (as the case may be) heads the Academic Staff Section and reports directly to the Director of Establishment. The Section handles all academic matters of the Establishment. He works with a Secretary and other categories of staff. The Academic Staff Section handles matters such as Teaching staff appraisals, conversion, interview, upgrade and promotion, and confirmation, etc. 

Non-Academic Staff Section

As the case may be, a Deputy Registrar heads this Section and reports directly to the Director of Establishment matters affecting the Section. The Section handles all non-teaching staff matters, such as appraisal, interview, promotion, upgrade, conversion confirmation, and other matters relating to the non-teaching staff. The Section also has a secretary and other categories of staff to work with the head of the Section.

Junior Staff Section

This Section is also headed by a Deputy Registrar, as the case may be, and he reports directly to the Director all matters affecting the Section. The Section comprises a secretary and other categories of staff. The Section handles all Junior staff matters, such as appraisal, interview, upgrade, conversion, promotion, confirmation, etc. 

Records and Pensions Section

This section is also headed by a Senior Registry staff called Records and Pensions Officer. He reports directly to the Director, Establishment. The Section is in charge of both senior and junior staff records. The Section ensures the safekeeping of senior and junior staff files, presents staff files when needed for information, changes old file folders with new ones, document records of newly employed staff, ensures all new documents are filed in their appropriate folders, ensures no unauthorised person(s) gets access to staff files, etc. This Section comprises all categories of staff (exception of a secretary) who report to their immediate Head any matter that affects their job schedules.

Migration Section – This Section is headed by a Senior Registry staff who reports to the Records and Pensions Officer. The staff in the Migration Section must have good knowledge of Information and Communication Technology (ITC) as they basically work with the computer. Duties of this Section include updating and uploading of staff-related information to the computer system, Nominal Roll preparation, salary analysis and other duties that may be assigned to the staff from time to time. 

Pensions Section – This Section is headed by a Senior Registry staff known as Pensions Officer. He reports to the Records and Pensions Officer who in turn reports to the Director, Establishment. This Section handles retirement matters, including preparation of necessary documents for payment of gratuities and pensions, etc. which are forwarded to the Pensions Board and the office of the Head of Service at the Ministry.

Index Section – This Section is headed by a Senior Registry staff who reports to the Head of Records – the Records and Pensions Officer. This Section handles indexing of employees’ names, addresses, phone numbers, etc. for easy retrieval, production of reference numbers for correspondences, etc.