Director of Academic Planning

Profile of the Director of Academic Planning

Professor Precious Nwobidi Ede trained as a Geographer in the University of Port Harcourt.

He has been involved in academic and professional geography all his working life and was originally employed in the Institute of Geosciences and Environmental Management, Rivers State University, Port Harcourt. He is presently a research Professor in climatology, specializing in emissions modeling and air pollution.

He was also a visiting lecturer in Air Pollution and Emerging Technologies at the Institute of Petroleum Studies, University of Port Harcourt.

Profile of the Director of Academic Planning

Professor Ede has written several books and other academic publications on climate and environment, and he regularly presents papers in conferences in Nigeria and abroad. His passion is to model emissions from man-made and natural systems for which he has been consulted by numerous organizations, institutions and governments. Modeling emissions entails understanding mechanisms behind how drive that drive transportation, manufacturing and modern lifestyle function; it also uses mathematical equations to evaluate the production, dispersion, deposition and impacts of emissions from these activities.

Professor Ede was appointed the pioneer Head, Department of Geography and Environmental Management, Rivers State University in 2018; concurrently, he is the Director, Academic Planning Unit of the University, presently.

He is a member of several professional associations including:
a) Nigerian Geographical Association,
b) Waste Management Society of Nigeria,
c) Nigeria Union of Radio and Planetary Sciences,
d) Nigeria Institute of Management, and
e) the International Society of Urban and Regional Planners, The Hague, Netherlands.

Professor Ede holds the Professional Fellowship of the Nigeria Environmental Society, Nigeria Association of Hydrological Sciences and Waste Management Society of Nigeria.