From Head of Halls, RSU Via SUG President.

It is no news that the academic session is winding down and in this regard, it is known that some students have wrapped up their examinations for this session.

The circular herewith attached is from the Head of all Halls of Residence (Hostels) to wit that all undergraduate students vacate the hostels latest today, 21st of November, 2022.

From the foregoing, all undergraduates that have wrapped up their exams are to vacate and all those who haven’t wrapped up their exams are to remain on campus in this order:

Males: All males are to move to Hostel E.
Females: All females are to move to Hostel D.

All students on IT are also to vacate hostels but for those who plan on using the hostels will pay the Hostel sanitation fees.

While this is ongoing and following the clamours from the students community, the Vice Chancellor has approved the thorough fumigation of all hostels and the new hostels where the students will be for the time being will be fumigated after they vacate.

Again, the power on campus have been rectified and there will be power as usual on campus.

Be rest assured of our governments commitment to protecting your interests.

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