Science And Technical Education

Dr Telima Adolphus

The Current Head of Department

Science And Technical

The Department of Science Education was carved out in 2016 from the former Department of Science and Technical Education which was established as a full-fledge department in the erstwhile.

Faculty of Technical and Science Education, now Faculty of Education in the year 1981. The former Department of Science and Technical Education turned out its first batch of graduates in 1985.

At inception of the Department of Science Education in 2016, Dr (Mrs) Muovoke Doris Omeodu was appointed as the pioneer Acting Head of Department. She served in that capacity until 2019 when Dr Telima Adolphus was appointed to succeed her as Acting Head of the Department.

Currently, the Department has 14 core academic staff, 1 Technologists and 2 Administrative officers.

Staff list in the Department

NameRankArea Of SpecialisationEmail
Dr. T. AdolphusReader & Ag. HODScience Education (Physics/Mathematics)
Prof. M. J. AhiakwoProfessorScience Education (Chemistry)
Dr. M. D. OmeoduReaderScience Education (Physics/Mathematics)
Dr. L. S. AziakaLecturer IScience Education (Biology)
Mr. E. F. IkwutLecturer llScience Education (Chemistry)
Dr. D. R. EkinehLecturer llScience Education (Chemistry)
Mr.Naade, N. B.Lecturer llScience Education (Physics)
Dr (Mrs) F. G. OtuturuLecturer llEnvironmental/Biology
Dr (Mrs) J.I. ObungeLecturer llMathematics
Mr. T. AmophoAsst. LecturerScience Education (Mathematics)
Mr S.N. YaakoAssistant LecturerMathematics
Mrs F. Accra- JajaAssistant LecturerMathematics
Mrs. I.O. MadumeAssistant LecturerScience Education (Biology)
Barilugbene Nordee SunnyPrincipal
Mr Wosugbani. H. OwabiaAdministrative Officer
Mrs. W. A. ChinnaAdministrative Officer


The department currently runs both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes leading to the award of B.Sc. in Science Education with options in Biology, Chemistry, Integrated Science, Mathematics, Physics, Environmental Education and Computer Science Education. There are at the present, no students for the Environmental and Computer Science Education options of the Science Education programme. The M.Sc. and PhD in Science Education programmes run with options in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics.

The undergraduate programme is designed to provide fundamental knowledge and to deepen students’ grasp of science education generally, and in the specific subject fields in particular.


It is also intended that the programme will expose students to the techniques and tools of research, develop in them the spirit of enquiry and generally prepare them to face challenges and to solve problems in the fields of science and science education. Postgraduate programmes in science education are designed to develop high level manpower to pursue careers in industry, public service, academics and research, by providing advanced training for upgrading knowledge and skills in the context of global knowledge expansion and finding solutions, particularly to real life science teaching and learning at all levels of education.


Dean of Faculty  

Vice Chancellor

 Administrative Officers 

Administrative Officers 

Head of Department 

DVC (Academics)


The Head of Department oversees both academic and non-academic activities in the Department. The Head of Department reports to the Vice Chancellor through the Dean of the Faculty.


In line with the National Policy on Education, the philosophy of the Science Education programme is to develop sustainable human resource developers who are practical oriented and intrinsically motivated to teach and develop potential human resources for scientific and technology progress for the nation in general.


The objectives of the programme are to:

  • produce science teachers to teach science subjects effectively at various school levels
  • prepare students for higher studies in science education
  • enable students to have an intelligent understanding of the increasing complexities of science and technology
  • produce strong advocates for the application of scientific methods in research
  • produce research-oriented teachers.