Office of the Dean, Faculty of Law

Professor C. C. Wigwe

Current Dean, Faculty Of Law

Office of the Dean, Faculty of Law

The Faculty of Law, Rivers State University, Port Harcourt (formerly known as Rivers State University of Science and Technology) was established in the year 1981, a year after the establishment of the University.

It was established to meet the yearnings and aspirations of young men and women of the Niger Delta region who desire to gain access to legal education in order to contribute their quota in the social, political and economic development of the region in particular and the country in general.  Its presence in a University of Science and Technology was however, welcomed with uninformed skepticism as it was seen as incongruous and inappropriate. It was an uncommon faculty to be established in a University of Science and Technology in Nigeria at the time where people hardly acknowledged the need and relevance of law to science and technology.

However, there was an apparent lack of understanding of the interrelationship between law and sciences and, in particular, between law and technology. Little was known about the fact the both science and technology are governed by laws and that one can only understand and effectively deploy these subjects if one has sufficient knowledge and grounding in the relevant laws.

Today, that pessimism or rather “uninformed skepticism” has transformed to wide acceptance of the programme, as our graduates had continued to put up commendable performance at the Nigerian Law School, year in, year out and some have continued to distinguish themselves in the wider Nigeria society.

As we report, Tech Law has emerged an area of global interest and technology has revolutionized the global community and the world of work. What started in 1981 and was seen as “incongruous and inappropriate” in a University of Science and Technology which has gained momentum and has become nationally welcome and acceptable.

The Faculty started out as a monolithic Faculty in 1981 without a department. However, the need to ease administrative challenges led to the creation of Departments in the Faculty. Thus, during the Deanship of Mrs. A. E. Ogbuigwe, as Acting Dean, two Departments, namely; Department of Jurisprudence, Public and International Law and the Department of Commercial, Private and Property Law were created.

Again, in line with NUC minimum standards, the Faculty was in the year 2002 during the Deanship of Mr. N. S. Nlerum (Ag. Dean) restructured to the present four Departments to wit:

  • Department of Business Law
  • Department of Jurisprudence and International Law
  • Department of Private & Property Law 
  • Department of Public Law     

The following persons have been Dean of the Faculty at various times namely;

  • Dr. A.B.K Anane Ag Dean 1981 – 1984
  • Mr. V. M. Ngoh  Ag Dean                 1984 -1985
  • Mr. Johnson Asiedu Ag Dean        1986- 1988
  • Mrs. A. E. Ogbuigwe Ag Dean   1988 – 1991
  • Dr. A. Uchegbu Ag Dean   1991 -1992
  • Mrs. A. E. Ogbuigwe Ag Dean   1992 – 1995
  • Mr. A. O. Muzan Ag Dean   1995 – 1997
  • Mr. F. J. Fekumo Ag Dean   1997 – 1999
  • Mr. E. S. Nwauche Ag Dean   1999 – 2001
  • Mr. N. S. Okogbule Ag Dean         2001 – 2003
  • Prof. Uche Jack-Osimiri Dean   2003 – 2007
  • Mr. Z. Adangor Ag Dean         2007 – 2009
  • Mrs. F. O. Akaakar Ag Dean   2009 – 2011
  • Dr. O.V.C Okene Ag Dean   2011 – 2014
  • Prof. N. S. Okogbule Dean   2014 -2018
  • Prof. O.V.C Okene Dean   2018-2022
  • Prof C.C.Wigwe, SAN Dean   2022-date.

Staff list in the Department

NameRankArea Of Specialisation
Prof Nlerum Sunday Okogbule (VC,RSU)ProfessorInternational Economic Law, Human Rights and Legal Theory
Prof. Christian C. Wigwe, SAN (Dean of Law)ProfessorJurisprudence Law, International Economic law, Law of Evidence, International Trade Law and Company Law.
Prof. Samuel Chisa DikeProfessorEnergy Law (Oil and Gas)Renewable, Electricity and Nuclear Energy Law and Comparative Environmental Law, Maritime Law, Solid Minerals, Fiscal Laws, Contract and Corporate Governance
Prof. Uche Jack OsimiriProfessorProperty, Commercial, Law and Taxation.
Prof. Andrew Ifeanyichukwu Chukwuemerie SANProfessorCommercial Law especially International Commercial Law
Prof Suleiman IkpechukwuProfessorComparative Criminal Law
Prof Ovunda Vincent OkeneProfessorLabour Law, Company Law, International and Comparative Law, International Trade Law and Legal Research Method
Prof. Zaccheus AdangorProfessorConstitutional Law, Environmental Law, Oil and Gas Law and Evidence Law
Prof Igwe, Onyeka WilliamsProfessorInternational Human Rights Law, International Humanitarian Law and International Law
Prof. Chukwucheta T. EmejuruProfessorEnvironmental and Natural Resources Law
Prof. Michael Chukwujindu OgwezzyProfessorHuman Rights Law
Prof. Clifford Anaele NwanyanwuProfessorCriminal Law
Dr. Richard Aduche WokochaReaderConstitutional Law and Jurisprudence
Dr. Chidi Ebenezer HallidayReaderCompany Law
Dr. Grace O AkolokwuReaderHuman Rights and Property Law
Dr. Linus O. NwauziReaderConstitutional Law, Family Law, Human Right and Labour Law
Dr. Felix C. AmadiReaderConyeyance and Legal Drafting
Florence AkaakarSenior Lecturer Oil and Gas Law, Environmental Law; Women and Children’s Right
Dr. Izzi, Mabel OtivboSenior LecturerHuman Rights Law, Gender/Child Law, Law of Torts, Family Law and Customary Law
Dr. Jerry AmadiSenior LecturerHuman Rights and Jurisprudence
Dr. Boma Geoffrey TobySenior LecturerJurisprudence & International Law
Dr. Obraori Nmabunwa PetersSenior LecturerHuman Rights Law
Dr. Nnamdi Kingsley. AkaniSenior LecturerInternational Law and Diplomacy
Dr. Anugbum OnuohaSenior LecturerProperty Law and Secured Credit Transactions, Valuation and Compensation.
Dr. Obugheni William AruguSenior LecturerCommercial, Shipping, Energy and Natural Resources, Environmental Law
Dr. Martina Ebikake NwanyanwuSenior LecturerCommercial, Shipping, Energy and Natural Resources, Environmental Law
Dr. Martina Ebikake NwanyanwuSenior LecturerLand Law, Labour/Industrial Law
Ebiriene I AmanLecturer 1
Ikeh Fabian ChijiokeLecturer lMaritime Law and Insurance Law
Dr. Edwyn JonathanLecturer lConstitutional Law and Jurisprudence
Dr. Soibiteinyim George-IbikiriLecturer lLaw of Tort, Land Law and Family Law
Chairman Ihua MaduenyiLecturer lSystem, British Legal System and European Legal System, ustomary Law, Criminal Law, nternational Humanitarian Law, Jurisprudence and Legal Theories
Eberechi OsimiriLecturer l
Dr. Sotonye FrankLecturer l
Maudlyn ParkLecturer l
Dr. Chukuma Orike AjieLecturerLabour and Industrial Law, Contract and Business Law
Claribel Diebo Fab-EmeLecturerFamily Law, Legislative Studies and Jurisprudence
Dr. Eberechi Ndudi Ake OkereLecturer 1 Labour Law and Commercial Law
Dr. Sylvester KokpanLecturer lAviation Law and International Law
Frank-Igwe UzodinmaLecturerLand Law and Law of Arbitration
Woha, Etheldred EgoLecturer 1Equity and Trust, Land Law, Oil and Gas Law and Environmental Laws
Soboma Odimabo- NsijilemLecturer 1Commercial Law
Innocent Okogbule C.SLecturer lEnvironmental, Oil and Gas Law
Dr. Emem Eze ChiomaLecturer lOil and Gas Law, Maritime/Shipping Law and International Commercial Law
Dr. Tony A. FrancisLecturer lEnvironment Law
Dr. Victor Nonso EnebeliLecturer lConstitutional & Administrative Law
Emmanuel M. WosuLecturer lIndustrial Relations and Commercial Transaction
Aladokiye E. Gabriel-WhyteLecturer lInternet Governance, Gender/ Family Laws
Dr.Ebiemere OsaroLecturer lTaxation and Investment Law, Environmental Law, Criminal and Labour Law
Lilly-Tariah, Abbiba PreboLecturer lOil and Gas Law, Environmental Law and Administrative Law
Chinuru AchinewhuLecturer lBusiness/Commercial Law
John Eriaye ThompsonLecturer lProperty Law, Land Law, Law of Torts and Law of Contract
Gborogbosi AaloonebariLecturer lOil and Gas Law, International Political Economy and Development
Emejuru EmenikeLecturer llEnvironmental Law
Dr. John Uzoma EkeLecturer llConstitutional Law
Amadi Prince UcheLecturer ll
Bob-Manuel Victoria OnengiyeoforiLecturer llLaw of Consumer Protection
Elijah Christopher BriggsLecturer llCommercial Law, Maritime Law and International Economic Law
Dr. Cleverine T. BrownLecturer llEnvironmental Law and Sustainability
John Kinikachi ChindaLecturer llOil and Gas Law, Energy and Natural Resources Law
Inunkinere Joshua IragunimaLecturer llCorporate & Commercial Law
Desmond Ozenyeowei Nwoha AgworLecturer llJurisprudence and Legal Theory, International Law and Diplomacy, Environmental/Energy Law and Governance
Esther Inko AbiliLecturer llAviation Law, Mineral Law, Law of Evidence and Public International Law
Bariyira Simple Kpea-ueLecturer llOil and Gas Law, Environmental Law and Human Rights Law
Mr. Goodtime Chimnecherem OkaraLecturer llCompany Law, Competition Law and Property Law
Chukwu Princess AdaezeLecturer llCorporate Law
Itari, Aselemi MelfordLecturer llEnergy Law, Oil and Gas Law
Blessing BadubulachiLecturer llLabour/Industrial Law
Obu, Ibietela MadighiLecturer llCriminal Law and Human Rights
Nnubia Okemdi ChukwumaLecturer llPress Media Law and Law of Contract
Ndamenem Ejims EnwukweLecturer llCorporate Law, Insolvency Law, Employment Law, Intellectual Property Law, Internet Law and Commercial Law
Nengimote OnuLecturer llLabour Law
Tamuno Bassy AmiesimakaLecturer llInternational Commercial and Maritime Law
Nheoma Eme WorugjiLecturer llHuman Rights Law, Child Rights Law, Labour and Industrial Law
Igila OgorchukwuLecturer llInternational Human Rights Law and Environment
Nwokaeze Lauretta UnwobiyeumaLecturer llFamily Law, Property Law, Planning Law
Igwela Franca PrincessLecturer llMaritime Law
Wondikom, Sunday ChiwuezeLecturer llLaw of Mortgages and Securities
Wodi Chiyemenum OkechukuLecturer llLabour Law
Chikadibia Sophia Ahiakwo- OwoyomiLecturer llLabour and International Law
Samuel Jacob Omubo-PeppleAssistant Lecturer Oil and Gas Law, Mineral & Mining Law and Environmental Law
Felicia Lesi NwiborAssistant Registrar
Okpara, Douglas AzundahAdmin Officer 11
Hachituru Endurance EwhorluAdmin Officer 11
Nnamdi DouglasChief Confidential Secretary
Nneka EkekeAdmin Officer 11
Ezebunwa Mary AdaAdmin Officer 11
Omehia, Gold UrehAdmin Officer 11
Patrick B.ErebaAdmin Officer 11
Fyneface FranklynHigher Executive Officer
Keenam, Theophilus BarileraPrincipal Data Processing Officer 11
Moses Menenu NwideeduhHigher Executive Officer
Elemelu UrePrincipal Data Processing Officer
Lekia CatherinePrincipal Executive Officer
Wike, Promise OAdmin Officer 11
Precious LogbeneConfidential Secretary


The central duties and responsibility of the Faculty is to ensure that graduates of law from the Faculty have a clear understanding of the place and importance of law in the society. Since all human activities-social, economic, political and so on takes place and are regulated within the legal framework, it is necessary that the student of law should have a broader knowledge and exposure to other discipline in the process of acquiring legal education. It is also intended to act as a stimulus to stir students into critical analysis and examination of the prevailing social, economic and political systems and the relevance of these phenomena in the development of the country. Legal training will also equip the students with the requisite tools to undertake comparative study of various legal systems and principles and deploy the best practices in other jurisdictions to improve and modernize the Nigeria legal system.

The Faculty takes responsibility to ensure that students conduct themselves honourably especially in dressing and attendance. All students in the Faculty are expected to be formally dressed for lectures, seminars and examination. Regulation dress code is the only permitted dressing in the Faculty of Law. The Faculty ensures that students who are not properly dresses are not permitted to enter the lecture halls and participate in lectures.

The Faculty also makes it as a duty to ensure that attendance to all lectures, seminars and examinations are compulsory. Students who are unable to meet up with academic work for health and other reasons may apply to the Dean of Law through their Heads of Department requesting permission to postpone their examinations. The Faculty also, has set up student’s Advisors who double as Counsellors to meet student’s emotional, psychological and academic needs. 


The Faculty started without component Departments since the LL.B program is technically a Faculty one. It was later realized that in order to ease administrative challenges, there was need to have Departments in the Faculty. Accordingly, during the tenure of Mrs. A.E. Ogbuigwe, as Acting Dean, two departments were created in the Faculty in 1991. They were Department of Jurisprudence, Public and International Law, and Department of Commercial, Private & Property Law. Several years later, in 2002, during the tenure of Mr. Nlerum S. Okogbule as Acting Dean, the Faculty was restructured into four Departments in accordance with NUC minimum standards. The Departments are as follows:

  • Department of Business Law
  • Department of Jurisprudence and International Law
  • Department of Private and Property Law
  • Department of Public Law.

The Current Heads of Department are:

  • Dr.  Chidi Halliday HOD, Business law
  • Dr. Kingsley N. Akani HOD, Jurisprudence and International Law
  • Dr. Felix C. Amadi HOD, Private and Property Law
  • Prof. M.C. Ogwezzy HOD, Public Law

The Faculty also runs a Post Graduate diploma programme as well as Master of Law (LL.M) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) programme in any area of Law. There is also the Master of Law and Diplomacy Programme (MALD) for those interested in careers leading to diplomatic positions.


The philosophy of the Faculty remains to promote individual, corporate excellence, creativity and critical thinking. The Faculty of Law is one of the foremost Faculties in the Rivers State University. Students who are admitted into the law programme at the undergraduate level take course across four(4) Departments, domiciled in the Faculty, towards the award of the degree of Bachelor of Laws(LL.B) at the end of the five(5) years or ten(10) semesters. The program is based on a 5 – point grade system as recommended by the National University Commission (NUC). The classes of degree that are awarded are First Class Honours, Second Class Honours (Upper Division), Second Class Honour (Lower Division) and Third Class Honours. The classes of degree are based on the Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) earned by the student at the end of five (5) years of ten (10) semesters. Students who successfully complete their program and are awarded the degree of Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) of the Rivers State University are eligible for admission to the Nigerian Law School where they undertake a one year course of practical training in accordance with section 5 of the Legal Education (Consolidation, etc) Act Cap L10 LFN 2004. Those who successfully complete the course of practical training in the Nigerian Law School are called to the Nigerian Bar by the Body of Bencher.

In line with the philosophy of the programme emphasises is placed on training and developing graduate sufficiently equipped with knowledge of the law and government institutions, communication and analytical skills, fundamental principles of legal drafting and conveyancing and awareness of the importance of the Nigerian legal system as a whole.  Students in the Law Faculty are also exposed to courses from other disciplines.

The objective of the LLB programme offered by the Faculty of Law at the Rivers State University is to produce trained law graduates who can effectively compete with their counterparts from other jurisdictions, graduates who will excel in any area of law they choose to specialize in and graduates who are knowledgeable of the law, who can diagnose legal problems and proffer adequate remedies. The career prospects of the law graduate are enormous.

The Faculty of law is made up of four teaching Departments. They include the following:

1. Department of Business Law: The Department specializes in teaching of courses related to domestic and international business and corporate relations. The courses domiciled in the department at the undergraduate level include; Law of Contract, Industrial Law, Revenue Law, Commercial Law, Banking and Insurance Law, Maritime Law and Company Law.  The Department also houses the Journal of Public Law.

2. Department of Jurisprudence and International Law: The Department offers courses which stir the students into critical analysis and evaluation of social, economic and political systems of the society. The courses domiciled in the Department are Legal Methods, Legal System, Jurisprudence and Legal Theory, Public International Law and International Humanitarian Law.

3. Department of Private and Property Law: The courses domiciled in the Department include Law of Torts, Land Law, Equity and Trusts, Family law and Conveyancing.

4. Department of Public Law: The courses domiciled in the Department include Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Law of Evidence, Oil and Gas Law, Environmental Law, Press Law and Mineral Law. The Department also has the journal of public law.

The Faculty also offers postgraduate programme in law for the award of the Masters in Law and Diplomacy (MALD), Master of Laws (LLM) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degrees in law.


The Faculty aim to train and equip its graduates into lawyers armed with requisite skills and knowledge to comfort the challenges of the 21st century. Consequently, care has been taken to ensure that law is taught as an emerging reality and that our students are comparative in their approach to legal studies, bearing in mind that there are many systems of law in operation including Common Law, Customary Law, Islamic and International Law. The Law programme, therefore, seeks to introduce students of the Faculty to many principles of judicial process, legal analysis and methods. The curriculum is designed to enable the student make a sensible career choice. The central aim of the Faculty is to provide qualitative learning which will aid students develop their full potential as well as enhancing the development of critical manpower for the Nigerian State in the 21st century and beyond.