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Medical Microbiology

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The Department of Agricultural Economics/Extension as it was then called, offered programs such as production Economics and farm management, Agric marketing, Agricultural finance. In 1999, Department expanded with additional programmes such as International Economics and finance and Environmental Economics and policy. This expansion calumniated to change the name to – Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics/ Extension to accommodate International Economics and finance as well as environmental Economics and policy, Owing to further expansions, there was need to make the extension unit of the Department to became full fledged Department. Therefore, in 2017 the Department of Agricultural Extension was carved out from the Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics/Extension Today, the Department is now known and addressed as Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics.

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The Department is equipped with sound and experienced professional manpower dedicated to teach and train students in basic agriculture and career profession in agricultural economic with specialty in Agriculture finance, production Economics, and agricultural marketing 

The department is also committed to research development and consultancy services in various policies issues in agriculture.

The students are morally built and cultured with sound social discipline.


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The core philosophy is to train and award a B. Agric Degree in Agricultural Economics to Students who will address fundamental issues in the society through the application of Economic principles resolving agricultural marketing and distribution problems, Agricultural production and farm management issues, Agricultural financial policy formulation, Agricultural input demand and supply, Agricultural resources use efficiency – resources such as land, labour and capital in order to better the life of farmers and end-users of farmers product.


The main objective of the Department is to provide practical and theoretical high breed training for  students in Agricultural Economics with six month industrial work experience training in Agro based farms and commercial establishment as well as research based Organizations and Institutions in order to meet the professional manpower requirements of the State and Nation at large.