Environmental Management

ESV.(Dr.) Ebiwari Wokekoro

The Current Head of Department

Environmental Management

The Department of Environmental Management (Resources Management) will undertake undergraduate programme that will lead to the award of Bachelor of Technology degree in Environmental Management.

The undergraduate programme is designed to provide a broad-based education in environmental resource management and sustainable development, with a view to produce graduates who possess the ability to analyze environmental problems, understand and assess the impact of development schemes on the environment, and proffer sustainable means of achieving development. As such, related body of knowledge in the areas of the Built and Natural Environment relevant to understand issues of Natural Resource Conservation, Environmental Impact Assessment, Pollution Control, Sustainable Development, Climate Change, Alternative Energy, and Urban Development have been incorporated to cater for the evolving roles of the Environmental Manager. The overall purpose of the programme is to produce graduates who can operate effectively in safeguarding the environment and promote sustainable development.

Staff list in the Department

NameRankArea Of SpecialisationEmail
Prof. Sika OrupaboProfessorSurveying and Geomatics
Prof. Opuenebo B. OweiProfessorUrban and Regional Planning
Prof. Precious N. EdeProfessorGeography and Environ. Mgt.
Prof. A. E. GoboProfessorApplied Meteorology/Environmental Mgt
Dr. O. D. NgerebaraResearch ReaderEnvironmental Geotechnics/Hydrogeology
Dr.Ebiwari. WokekoroReader//Ag. HODFacilities and Urban Environmental Mgt
Dr.A. AyotamunoSenior Research FellowArchitecture/ Environmental Mgt
Dr. I.I WejeSenior LecturerEnvironmental Planning/Development Studies
Dr. (Mrs.) Alolote AmadiSenior LecturerQuantity Surveying/ Environmental Mgt, / Built Environment
Mr. Michael DidiaLecturer 11Geography & Environmental Mgt
Mr. Leka AkueLecturer 11Environmental Mgt, URP
Mr. Jacob Banaanyone BarivoleChief Confidential Secretary
Barr. Fabian Loveday JobAssiastant Chief Executive Officer
Mrs Oroma EdeHigher Executive Officer
Good Fortune Ruhuoma ChindaTechnologist


The duties and responsibilities of the unit are tied to why we award degrees to our graduands which are learning and character-building. Therefore, the primary duties and responsibilities of the unit are training of our graduands in deep, sound knowledge and skills in Environmental production geared towards making them solvers of the problem militating against increased Environmental production in the wider world. In doing this, the unit strictly follows the prescribed rules, regulations and procedures outlined by the University Management in achieving them. 

Furthermore, the unit is also responsible in instilling in our graduands discipline as to enable them to become models to others to emulate in terms of positive character developments, thereby making them good leaders for tomorrow. Some of the areas these character-moulding principles are imparted in graduands include but limited to:

  • Punctuality – coming early to class for lectures as to replicate it outside school environment.
  • Sincerity – that is, telling the truth at all times.
  • Avoid cheating – incuding during examinations.
  • Being respectful – to others
  • Being conscious – of things and comments they make, ensuring that you do not by your comments or acts destroy others. They may become your helpers tomorrow.

Therefore, in the overall, the unit ensures that we award our degrees due to learning and character.


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The Department has successfully completed the 2020/2021 academic session. The 2021/2022 academic session has commenced academic activities.

        Academic Programme

a. University: Rivers State University

b. Name of programme: Environmental Management

c. Department of domicile: Environmental Management

d. College/faculty/school of domicile: Faculty of Environmental Sciences

e. Title of degree: B. Tech. Environmental Management

f. Date of commencement of the programme: 2020/2021 academic session


Man-environment relation is both dependent and inter-independent and always in a continuous interaction with each other. The environment provides a range of services: life support, source of raw material and sinks for wastes product, on which lays the sustenance of the earth system. In view of these essential services, exploitation of its resources ought to proceed in a sustainable manner.   The programme philosophy is hinged on the fact that man’s ability to manage his environment sustainably, can only be knowledge-driven. The vision of the programme is to instil in students a sense of enthusiasm and responsibility for environmental management issues and its application and relevance in proffering sustainable solutions to different societal development problems


The objectives of the programme are to:

  • Produce Environmental Managers with awareness and comprehension of the range of environmental challenges and opportunities in the immediate and wider region.
  • Provide a platform for exposure to new developments and advances in technology, policies, processes; as well as new concepts and practices in environmental education.
  • Provide knowledge of management systems, legal framework and social/cultural issues pertaining to utilization of natural resources
  • Develop skills and knowledge for translating the theory and concepts of resource and environmental management into practice relevant to communities and workplaces today.
  • Provide knowledge about geophysical and biological processes and constraints characterizing human activities and their interaction with the environment
  • Develop skills in the application of monitoring and evaluation tools used by environmental management practitioners.