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Urban And Regional Planning

The Department of Urban and Regional Planning was formally established as a separate department in May 1990 as one of the five member-departments of the Faculty of Environmental Sciences.


Nonetheless, Urban and Regional Planning was one of the disciplines within the Department of Environmental Sciences in the School of Engineering in 1977, and became a division of the department of Architecture and Town Planning created, in 1982 in the Faculty of Environmental Sciences.

The Urban and Regional Planning Programme started as a two year University Diploma course in 1977. In 1982, the four year degree programme leading to the award of B. Tech degree in Town Planning was introduced. But now, Urban and Regional Planning is a five year degree programme with B. Tech and this is to qualify students as Town Planners.

The Diploma programme was phased out from the Department at the end of the 1989/90 academic session.

Staff list in the Department

NameRankArea Of SpecialisationEmail
Tpl. Dr. I.I. WEJE (Ag. Head)Senior Lecturer Environmental Planning/EIA, Urban Studies/Quantitative Techniques and housing
Prof. O. B. OWEIProfessorUrban management, planning Law and
Dr. V.C OBINNASenior Lecturer Housing/ Social Impact
Tpl. (Ms). J. O. EMERUEMSenior LecturerTourism, Landuse and Environmental
Mr. G.E. NKWOSenior LecturerTransport Planning &
Tpl.Dr.(Mrs).E.N. Anthony Le-ol Lecturer IRegional Planning and Environmental
Tpl. Dr. I. BROWNLecturer IDisaster Risk, Waste Mgt. and Urban Planning/Resilient
Tpl. Dr. S.W JOHNBULLLecturer IEnvironmental Planning & Mgt/Urban Design, rural devt planning
Tpl. Dr. T. EYENGHE.Lecturer IUrban studies, environmental planning&Mgt, sustainable devt.
Tpl. S. DAGOGOLecturer IRural Development
Tpl. E. C. DIKELecturer IIGeoDesign&Urban Informatics, Spatial planning &Data Science, environmental Remote sensing, Climate change & envital
Tpl. I.N. DAPALecturer IIUrban Design and Wetland
Tpl.T.D. IKIRIKOLecturer IILand use and natural resource planning, Rural Devt. Planning, urban
Tpl. B.G AMEMELecturer IIUrban design, landuse and Environmental Mgt/
Tpl. E.C. NWOKAEZELecturer IISpatial/Infrastructure Planning, Urban Design, Urban Management and
Tpl. K.P. VISIGAHLecturer IIUrban esign/GIS,Geo-Information Mapping,
Esv. Mrs. M. UDOMLecturer IIHousing Studies and Urban
TPl. L. O. AKUELecturer IILand use/Environmental Mgt, SIA, disaster Risk
Mr. F.C WACHUKWULecturer IIEnvironmental planning, recreation planning & environmental
Tpl. F. O. GBARABELecturer IIUrban studies, EIA and socio-economic
Tpl.S.S. OWUKIOGraduate
Mrs .B. DAVIDPrincipal Confidential SecretaryComputing
Mrs J. JOHNSONPrincipal Executive Officer (Admin)
Mr. Benson Igwe OJULEExecutive OfficerGeneral
Miss Happiness Chimenem WORLU,General
Mrs. F. C. ISAIAHLaboratory AssistantStudio Attendant



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Secretary Departmental Board / Academic Staff

Technologist / Professors

Administrative Officer Readers



Senior Lecturer 

Lecturer I

Lecturer II

Assistant Lecturers 

Graduate Assistants


The Urban and Regional programme is designed to equip students with qualitative, quantitative and design skills so that they become efficient and functional physical planners; FIRST TO DEAL WITH THE PECULIARITIES OF THE Niger Delta environment and then society in general. To this end, the programme incorporates special course in Coastal Zone Management and Disaster Risk Management.

Urban and Regional (or physical) planning is concerned with change in the physical environment.  The analysis of such change also falls within the province of other applied scientists (including geographers, sociologists, etc.).

However, the distinctive feature of urban and regional planning is that it does not set out merely to analyse change but also actively engages in its prevention, control or promotion.  Urban and regional planning is therefore mainly prescriptive in orientation.


This programme aims at producing competent professionals who should be able to direct the following operations:  

(i) Preparation of Development plans for towns, villages, and  regions.

(ii)Preparation of town expansion schemes.

(iii)Control of development.

(iv)Preparation of Site Layout Plans for residential, commercial, industrial, recreational and other uses.

(v)Preparation of schemes for urban renewal.

(vi)Carrying out of feasibility, impact, and socio-economic studies in relation to proposed development projects.

(vii)Carrying out of research into the problems of the physical environment to provide a basis for policy formulation.