Department of Mathematics

Prof. Adolphus Okechukwu Nwaoburu

The Current Head of Department


From the Rivers State University of Science and Technology Gazette (Extra Ordinary) Vol. 1, January 1982 No. 1 Published by Authority, it was discovered that the Department of Mathematics which started in 1980 on transition from College of Science and Technology to University of Science and Technology had only nine (9) members of staff. As shown below:

The Department of Mathematics runs programme that leads to the award of B.Sc in Pure and Applied Mathematics. The undergraduate programme is designed to provide fundamental knowledge and then deepen the students’ grasp of Mathematics. It also introduces them to the techniques and tools of research, develops in them the spirit of enquiry and generally prepares them to face challenges and solve problems in the field of Mathematical Sciences.

Equally, the Department offers service courses in Mathematics to other Departments and faculties in the University.

Staff list in the Department

NameRankArea Of SpecialisationEmail
Prof. A. O. NwaoburuHOD/ProfessorApplied Mathematics (Differential Equation)
Prof. E. H. EtukProfessorApplied Statistics (Time Series)
Prof. I. D. EssiProfessorApplied Statistics (Econometrics and Environmental Statistics)
Dr. E. AmosReaderApplied Mathematics (Magnetohydrodynamic & Stability)
Dr. N. M. NafoReaderNumerical Method and
Dr. I. DaviesReaderPure and Applied Mathematics (Differential Equation &
Dr. A. Weli Senior LecturerMathematical Analysis, Probability Theory and
Dr. C. NwaigweSenior LecturerApplied Mathematics (Computational Mathematics)
Dr. L. EbiwaremeLecturer IApplied Mathematics (Fluid Stability)
Mr. E. H. AmadiLecturer IApplied
Dr. R. E. AkpodeeLecturer IIApplied
Mrs R. NduLecturer IIApplied
Mr. C. P. AmadiAssistant LecturerApplied
Mrs. Y. A. Da- WaribokoAssistant LecturerApplied
Mrs. I. B. Lekara- BayoAssistant LecturerApplied
Mrs Nwafor Uloma HanachorAdmin Officer II
Mr. Sunny WokekoroAdmin Officer
Mr. Okechukwu EdeMessenger
Dr. M. T. AdeniranReader/Ag HOD
Dr. A. R BestmanSenior Lecturer I
Dr. N. C. JamiSenior Lecturer I
Dr. S. M. OrisaSenior Lecturer II
Dr. H. S. SaxeneLecturer I
Mr. N. A. FubaraLecturer II
Mr. S. A GyomahLecturer II
Mr. D. S. AjimmyAsst. Lecturer
Mr. E. Ekem AbonteGraduate Assistant


Research, Teaching and Learning.


Mathematics engages the intellect strongly and so it in every useful to physical Sciences and technology. Recently, the range of application has been entered to socio Biological Science and Economic world. The objective of the programme is therefore to offer a course which is suitable to as many as are in those categories as much as our staffing situation can make possible. The training is designed not only to develop special mathematical skills in our students but also to enable them acquire general technical techniques applicable in a variety of problems. On this way, we hope to achieve the aim, objectives and philosophy of the programme. It is important that our dear Department do not only specialize in the training of mathematicians but also gives a helping-hand almost every other Department in the University. 



May I mention that we teach engineering students from their 1st year to their 3rd year and every other Department in this university but the Law Faculty entangle in their first year. As it stands now, we have only sixteen (16) academic staff, two (2) administrative officers and one (1) messenger.


Mathematics is an indispensible subject and a vital tool in the understanding of natural phenomena. It is the exact language of description, calculation, deduction, modeling and prediction. The possession of mathematical knowledge through this programme has therefore been fashioned from the foundation of elementary Algebra through Mathematical Analysis, differential Equations, Statistical data analysis, high level computational skills, to Applied Mathematics. Each of the branches of Mathematics is designed to develop cognitive abilities and skills relating to intellectual tasks. Therefore, apart from its intellectual interest, Mathematics is useful to physical scientists, engineers and technologist. In recent times, the range of applications has extended to include the Social Sciences, Biological Sciences, Medicine, Environmental Science and the Business community. The concepts and methods necessary for application in the fascinating area above are well enshrined in the degree programme.


The academic progrmme of Department of Mathematics has been fashioned to enable students develop the basic principles of Advanced Mathematics. The objectives of the programme are to:

  • Instill in students a sense of enthusiasm for Mathematics and its applications in different areas of human endeavor.
  • Develop in students, special mathematical and computational skills for solving variety of theoretical practical problems.
  • Develop students with adequate knowledge and skills base from which they can proceed to specialized areas in Mathematics or multi-disciplinary areas involving Mathematics.
  • Develop in students, through education in Mathematical techniques, a range of transferrable skills and applications in mathematical and non-mathematical related employment.
  • Generate in students an appreciation of the importance of Mathematical Sciences in Industrial, economic, technological, environmental and social context.