Department of Marketing

Donald I. Hamilton

The Current Head of Department


The marketing programme became a department in the 2002-2004 academic session with Gabriel A. Okwandu, Associate Professor, as the Pioneer Head of Department. The department of marketing has a vibrant Ph.D, MBA, MSc, PGD and BSc programme with several specializations and our students are some of the best in character and learning.

In line with the national policy on education, which among other things emphasizes scientific approach to management system, the marketing programme is designed to produce consumer oriented managers who will help to bring the mission of business and non business organizations to reality.


Staff list in the Department

NameRankArea Of SpecialisationEmail
Donald I. HamiltonReader and Ag HODPolicy, Strategy and Organizational Theory
Daerego W. MaclaytonReaderStrategic Marketing, International/entrepreneurial marketing
Gabriel A. OkwanduReaderMarketing Strategy and International Business
Paulinus P. EkeretteReaderConsumer Behaviour
Rev. Temple A. AmangalaSenior LecturerInternational Marketing
Bright C. OparaSenior LecturerExport Marketing
Gladson N. NwokahLecturer IElectronic Marketing
James U. D. DidiaLecturer IIPublic Sector Marketing
Paul M. NadubeAssistant LecturerMarketing Communication E-marketing
Kenneth AdieleGraduate Assistant
Stella C. Nwulu (Mrs)Graduate Assistant


The duties and responsibilities of the unit are tied to why we award degrees to our graduands which are learning and character-building. Therefore, the primary duties and responsibilities of the unit are training of our graduands in deep, sound knowledge and skills in animal production geared towards making them solvers of the problem militating against increased animal production in the wider world. In doing this, the unit strictly follows the prescribed rules, regulations and procedures outlined by the University Management in achieving them. 

Furthermore, the unit is also responsible in instilling in our graduands discipline as to enable them to become models to others to emulate in terms of positive character developments, thereby making them good leaders for tomorrow. Some of the areas these character-moulding principles are imparted in graduands include but limited to:

  • Punctuality – coming early to class for lectures as to replicate it outside school environment.
  • Sincerity – that is, telling the truth at all times.
  • Avoid cheating – incuding during examinations.
  • Being respectful – to others
  • Being conscious – of things and comments they make, ensuring that you do not by your comments or acts destroy others. They may become your helpers tomorrow.

Therefore, in the overall, the unit ensures that we award our degrees due to learning and character.


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Senior Lecturer 

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Assistant Lecturers 

Graduate Assistants




 The programme is designed to:

1.  Produce efficient and effective marketing and sales managers.

2. Produce lecturers who will handle related courses in universities and other institutions of higher learning 

3. Propagate the development of marketing thought and philosophy in business and management practice.