Department of Jurisprudence and International Law

Dr.Nnamdi Kingsley Akani

The Current Head of Department

Jurisprudence and International Law

The Faculty of Law, Rivers State University, came into existence in 1981, a year after the university was birthed in 1980. Under the deanship of Mrs. A.E Ogbuigwe as acting dean, the faculty was divided into two departments namely;

  • Department of Jurisprudence, Public and International Law
  • Department of Commercial, Private and Property Law.

However during the tenure of Mr. N.S Okogbule in 2002, the faculty saw new reforms which further restructured it into four departments for administrative convenience. The four departments are:

  • Department of Business Law
  • Department of Jurisprudence and International Law
  • Department of Private and Property Law
  • Department of Public Law.

The department has thrived under the tenures of;

  • Mrs. F.O Akaakar
  • Prof. N.S Okogbule
  • Dr. O.W Igwe (as he then was)
  • Dr.C.C. Wigwe (as he then was)
  • Dr. S.C Dike (as he then was) amongst others.

The Head of Department for the 2020/2021 Academic Session is Dr.Nnamdi Kingsley Akani.

Staff list in the Department

NameRankArea Of SpecialisationEmail
Dr.Nnamdi Kingsley AkaniSenior Lecturer International Law, Diplomacy and Armed
Prof. N.S OkogbuleProfessorInternational Economic Law ,Human Rights and Legal Theory, Jurisprudence and International /
Prof. Chris C. WigweprofessorJurisprudence and International Law, Law of Evidence, Criminal Law, International Economic
Prof. Onyeka Williams IgweProfessorInternational Humanitarian
Dr. Jerry AmadiProfessorHuman Rights Law and
Dr. Boma Geoffrey TobySenior LecturerInsurance
Dr. Edwyn JonathanLecturer IJurisprudence, Legal Method, Nigerian Legal
Dr. Bariyima Syslvester KokpanLecturer IAviation Law, International Criminal
Dr. Sotonye FrankLecturer INigerian Legal System, British Legal System and European Legal
Chairman-Ihua MaduenyiLecturer lInternational Humanitarian
Aladokiye E. Gabriel- WhyteLecturer I International Internet Governance, Gender/Family
Ogorchukwu IgilaLecturer llInternational Human Rights Law and
Nheoma Eme WorugjiLecturer llHuman Rights Law, Child Rights Law , Labour and Industrial
Omubo- Pepple Samuel JacobAssistant Lecturer Oil and Gas Law, Environmental Law and Compensation, Mineral and Mining
Melford Aselemi ItariLecturer llEnergy Law, Oil and Gas
Emenike EmejuruLecturer lEnvironmental
Desmond Ozenyeowei Nwoha AgworLecturer llJurisprudence and Legal Theory, International Law and Diplomacy, International Environmental/Energy Law and /
Fineface FranklinHigher Executive OfficerAdministration
Hachituru EwhorluAdministrative Officer


The department of Jurisprudence like others was chiefly established for administrative convenience. It was also birthed to cater for the academic needs of the students and staff alike ranging from the contribution of knowledge to law students and graduates of the Faculty and even other Faculties of the University to the distribution of valuable information to students.

It has also helped to imbibe and encourage research attitude in the lives of students and staff and this it has achieved this through the publication of Departmental Journals aimed at the discussion and enlightenment of the public concerning contemporary issues as it affects the world today.

The department also owes an administrative duty to staff and students of the Faculty of Law, thereby helping to pivot the affairs of the Faculty and the University for without administration, the machinery of government would be stalled.

In the same vein, the department is responsible to all staff and students and the Head of Department is answerable to the Dean of the Faculty as the departments operate a notional system in that none of them is independent.


The department has a head who is responsible for administration and its day-to-day operations and who consequently answers to the Dean of the Faculty.

The department also has a Departmental Board which takes decisions and actions on academic matters.

The Department of Jurisprudence and international Law adopt the committee system which the University largely operates. The Head of Department as well as the Departmental Board constitute Committees to address problems which may arise. Reports of such Committees are usually submitted to the Head of Department.


As well known, the flagship programme of the Faculty of Law is the Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) programme. In the same vein, there are some courses taught at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels domiciled in the department. These courses are;

Undergraduate Level

JIL 102 – Legal Methods

JIL 208 – Nigerian Legal System

JIL 528 – Jurisprudence and Legal Theory

JIL 532 –Public International Law

JIL 542 – International Humanitarian Law

Post Graduate Level (LLM)

JIL 830 – International Economic Law

JIL 832 –Law of the Sea

JIL 834 – Diplomatic and Consular Law Practice

JIL 838 –Law of International Institutions

JIL 840 –Law of International Trade

JIL 826 – Advanced Jurisprudence

JIL 816 – International Monetary Law

JIL 839 – International Protection of Human Rights.

Post GraduateLevel (ph.D)

JIL 930 –International Economic Law

JIL 932 – Law of the Sea

JIL 934 – Diplomatic and Consular Law and Practice

JIL 938 –Law of International Institutions

JIL 940 – Law of International Trade

JIL 926 – Advanced Jurisprudence

JIL 916 –International Monetary Law

JIL 939 – International Protection of Human Rights Law

JIL 902 – Advanced Humanitarian Law

Post Graduate Level (PGD)

JIL 732 –Introduction to Law

JIL 710 – State Land Law and Administration

JIL 708 – Customary Law and Social Relation

Post Graduate Level (MALD)

JIL 842 –Theory and Practice of Globalization

JIL 828 –International Protection of Human Rights Law

JIL 838 – Law of International Institutions

JIL 844 – International Law


  • To create awareness of contemporary issues and the importance of the legal system in the students.
  • To provide administrative as well as academic guidance to staff and students
  • To encourage research into novel areas of law