Department of Food Science And Technology

Dr. Ntinya Cleopas Johnson

The Current Head of Department

Food Science And Technology

The Food Science and Technology (FST) Programme was started in the composite Department of Animal Science/Food Science and Technology in the school of Agriculture, fisheries and forestry in the former College of Science and Technology (CST) in 1973. Courses were offered leading to the award of Ordinary and Higher National Diploma in Food Science and Technology.

Following the establishment of the university from the defunct CST in 1980 as Nigerian Premier University of Science and Technology, the Food Science and Technology programme was upgraded to degree level.  A full fledged Department of Food Science and Technology was established in 1990 with the acquisition of a brand new office block (Risonpalm House) and movement from the old to the new site in 1993.

Since then the Department has forged ahead very strongly in terms of academic activities and now offers courses leading to the award of B.Sc., M.Sc. and Ph.D degrees in Food Science and Technology. The Home Science and Management (HSM) programme was started in 1999 and offers a degree course in HSM for both regular and part-time students. 

Staff list in the Department

Prof. S.C. AchinewhuProfessorFood Analysis/ Quality Evaluation
Prof. S.Y. GiamiProfessorFood Processing/Product Development
Prof. A.D.HartReaderNutrition/Dietetics Food Consumption and Nutrition
Dr. H.D.MepbaReaderFood Processing/ Quality Analysis
Miss L. l.BarberSenior LecturerFood Microbiology
Miss E.B.BanigoSenior LecturerFood Processing/ Quality Control
Mrs.N.J.T.EmelikeSenior LecturerHome Science/ Food Quality
Mr. M.O.AkusuSenior LecturerBiotechnology
Engr. S.N.AsoSenior LecturerFood Engineering
Dr. G.O.WorduLecturer I Nutritional Biochemistry
Mr. D.B.Kiin-KabariLecturer IIFood analysis
Dr. J. EkeAssistant LecturerFood processing
Mrs. P.C.Obinna-chemAssistant LecturerFood Quality/Safety Management


• To develop relevant curricula and systematic training of professionals in the field of Food Science and Technology.

• To serve as feeders and innovators to food industries on trends in technological and product developments through dissemination of research findings. 

• Public education on food quality including food safety, food wastage and nutrition education through seminars, workshops,  t.v and radios etc. 




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