Department of Educational Foundations

Dr. Agumagu, Joy Ejiuwaemeonu

The Current Head of Department

Educational Foundations

The Department of Educational Foundations was established as a service unit in the then Faculty of Science and Technical Education (now Faculty of Education). It served mainly as a service department to the departments of Technical and Science Education and Business Education till 1998.

Eighteen years after the establishment of the university, the Adult and Community Education Programme was created and housed in this unit. It was therefore made a full-fledged department with a head of department. Apart from servicing the other departments, it then graduated its own students in the sub-discipline of Adult and Community Education which lasted for four years. Direct entry students are admitted to do a three-year B.Sc. programme since 2006/2007. By 2017/2018, the department of Educational Management was created out of the department of Educational Foundations. In the following academic session 2018/2019, Adult Education and Community Development was also carved out of the parent department. With these developments, the department of Educational Foundations was left with no undergraduate students and programmes of her own until 2020/2021 academic session. However, it runs the Master of Education (M.Ed.) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree programmes in Educational Guidance and Counseling, Curriculum and Instruction, Educational Psychology, Sociology of Education, Philosophy of Education, Measurement and Evaluation, History & Policy of Education. The department has successfully graduated students who hold responsible positions in the society, in the public sector, as well as in the organized private sector.

The Department of EDF is also involved in Part-Time Programme administered by the University’s Center for Continuous Education (CCE) which is a five (5) year programme. However, candidates with appropriate qualifications as prescribed by the university are admitted into the undergraduate programme for four years. The department has full autonomy to operate as academic department with a Head of Department who would be responsible to the Dean of the Faculty of Education.

Staff list in the Department

NameRankArea Of SpecilisationEmail
Prof. Joseph Bilaalo VipeneProfessorPhysical & Health
Prof. G. A. I. NwoguProfessorPhilosophy of Education
Prof. Naboth H. A. NwaforProfessorPhilosophy of
Prof. Comfort AgiProfessorGuidance &
Prof. Maxwell EremieProfessorGuidance &
Prof. Samuel W. AmadiohaProfessorCurriculum &
Dr. (Mrs) Joy Ejiuwaemeonu AgumaguReaderHistory of
Dr. Hillary WorduReaderEducational
Dr. Esezi Isaac ObilorSenior LecturerMeasurement &
Dr. Otakpo Angel ChileLecturer llGuidance &
Dr. Agbor Patricia Ellah OkinLecturerGuidance &
Dr. Obua Anthony (Contract)LecturerSociology of
Dr. Wagbara Sampson EbereLecturerMeasurement &
Dr. John Ihuoma NelsonAssistant LecturerGuidance &
Dr. Ukoima Nkalo RuthAssistant LecturerGuidance &
Dr. Mercy ChukwuLecturer IIEducational
Dr. Miwari Goodluck UwaksLecturer IIMeasurement &
Dimkpa Chioma AnnAssistant LecturerGuidance &
Nbame LetamAssistant LecturerMeasurement &
Ogu Edna NgoziAssistant LecturerCurriculum &
Louis Emmanuel JajaAssistant LecturerSociology of
Ugada CatherineAssistant LecturerMeasurement &
Ihunwo Asumptha EberechiAssistant LecturerSociology of
Wobeh Florence ChisaGraduate AssistantGuidance &
Wike Confidence ObunwoGraduate AssistantGuidance &
Peter TamunoininaemiAssistant Chief Confidential SecretaryOffice and Information
Bekwe Ferdinand ManuchimAdministrative OfficerMechanical


The Department of Educational Foundations does not only service the entire Faculty of Education in the core educational foundation courses, but also teaches and graduates her own students who are admitted in line with the university admission criteria/guidelines, at both undergraduate and post-graduate levels.


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Confidential Secretary


Clerical Officer

Student Adviser



Senior Lecturer

Part Time

Student Project

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Computer Operator

Lecturer I


Lecturer II

Assistant Lecturer

Graduate Assistant


Administrative Procedures of Department of Educational Foundations


To encourage and ensure continued academic and professional growth and development of teachers and school administrators in the field of Social Sciences Education and Arts and Humanities Education, and general teacher education in Rivers State in particular and Nigeria in general. A degree in Economics, Geography, Political Science & Government, Christian Religious Studies, English, French, and History & Diplomatic Studies all laced with education affords the student the opportunity of becoming a well-trained teacher and promoter of human resources.


The objectives of the programme are to:

  • Produce teachers to teach Social Science and Humanities effectively at various school levels.
  • Prepare students for higher studies in General Education, Social Science Education, and Humanities Education.
  • Equip students to have an intelligent understanding of the increasing complexities of General Education, Social Science Education, and Arts and Humanities Education.
  • Produce research oriented teachers and the school administrators.