Department of Chemistry

Prof. Ndokiari Boisa (FICCON)

The Current Head of Department


The pivotal role of the Department of Chemistry in natural science made Rivers State University to capture it in the University logo as the atomic nucleus with orbital electrons symbolizing science. The Department of Chemistry was established at the inception of the University in 1980 with Dr. M.D. Selema as the pioneer head of Department.

Profile of Current Head of Unit

Prof. Ndokiari Boisa (FICCON) studied at the Northumbria University, Newcastle, United Kingdom for M.Res in Environmental Science (2005) and PhD in Environmental Toxicology and Human Health Risk Assessment (2013) degrees respectively.  Currently serving as the Head of Chemistry Department, Faculty of Science, Rivers State University.  He is a Professor of Analytical Method Development and Environmental Chemistry.  His current research interest cuts across human risk assessment, method development and toxicology.

Structure of the Unit

Staff list in the Department

NameRankArea Of SpecialisationEmail
Prof. G.K. FekarurhoboProfessorOrganic/
Prof. I. R. JackProfessorOrganic Chemistry & Photochemistry
Prof. (Mrs) F.G ObomanuProfessorPharmaceutical
Prof. C.C. ObunwoProfessorAnalytical
Prof. N. BoisaProfessor/HODAnalytical Environmental
Dr J. L. KonneReaderInorganic/Materials
Dr (Mrs) G. A. CookeyReaderPhysical/Surfactant
Dr G. I. NdukweSenior Lecturer Organic/Natural Products
Dr (Mrs) N. J. MaduelosiLecturer IPhysical
Mr. O.F. Osagie Lecturer IPolymer
Dr O.S. BullLecturer IGreen Chemistry/Inorganic
Dr M.O. AkinfolarinLecturer IAnalytical & Environmental Chemistry
Dr H.A. OrluLecturer IPharmaceutical
Dr P.M. AmaibiLecturer IIEnvironmental and Analytical
Dr(Mrs) I.A. KalagborSenior LecturerEnvironmental and Analytical Chemistry
Mrs. C.C. EnyiAssistant LecturerAnalytical
Ms G.K. AmadiAssistant LecturerAnalytical Chemistrygloriakelechi
Mr. Odu Chikwem ObaalologhiGraduate AssistantAnalytical
Nwidag Yerebabari GabrielGraduate AssistantOrganic
Mr. D. BekeePrincipal
Mr. R.O. IpaaSenior
Mrs. A. EchemAssistant
Miss O.S.
Mrs. R. OgbogboAssistant Executive Officer


The Department runs a Bachelor of Science Degree (BSc) at the undergraduate level. The Postgraduate programmes include Postgraduate Diploma (PGD), Master of Science (MSc) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in different fields of specialization.


76th Inaugural Lecture by Professor Tubonimi Joseph Kio Ideriah on the 27th of April,

2022 by 3.00 p.m at New Senate Building, Rivers State University.



  1. Diversification of fields of specialization e.g. Forensic Chemistry, Chemical Security, Energy Materials, etc.
  2. New classrooms and laboratory buildings
  3. Improve staffing
  4. Center of Excellence for Water, Soil, Oil and Gas analyses.



As a multi-faceted discipline which deals with the nature and characteristics of matter, Chemistry affords a trainee to acquire knowledge and expertise in the application of scientific principles, entrepreneurial and leadership skills.


  1. FMWR/UNICEF approved laboratory for water analysis
  2. Establishment of Small Scale Enterprises for the production of hand sanitizer, soaps, degreasers and paint.