Department of Business Education

Dr Joy Amesi

The Current Head of Department

Business Education

The Department of Business Education was established in the then Faculty of Technical and Science Education in 1981, now Faculty of Education. The Department runs a programme that leads to the award of B.Sc. in Business Education (Accountancy, Entrepreneurship, Management, Marketing and Office Management and Technology), M.Ed., M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Business Education.

Its pioneer students who were admitted in that same year, graduated in 1985 and since then, for about twenty-five years the department has consistently produced graduates massively in the four areas of specialization, viz; Accountancy, Management, Marketing and Secretarial Education. Business Education is an aspect of Vocational and Technical Education, a specialized programme of instruction designed to provide individuals with knowledge, skills and attitudes leading to employability and advancement in office occupations as well as teaching business subjects. The courses offered are developed to expose the students to core areas in the curriculum like general education, skill development, professional education, general business (Marketing and Management), Accounting, Teaching Methodology and Industrial Work Experience.,

Staff list in the Department

NameRankArea Of Specialisation Email
Dr. J. AmesiReaderBusiness /
Prof. W.A. AmaewhuleProfessorVocational
Prof. M.N. KokoProfessorEducational
Prof. M.E. AkpomiProfessorBusiness
Prof. W.J. UbulomProfessorMeasurement &
Prof. E. A. AmadiProfessorBusiness
Dr. B.I. DamboReaderEducational
Dr. O.C. IkpesuReaderEducational
Dr. O.S.F. OkiriduSenior LecturerBusiness
Dr. G. O. BupoLecturer lBusiness
Dr. P.C. OgwunteLecturer llBusiness
Dr. C. EgbunefuLecturer llBusiness
Dr. P.L. NwinehLecturer llBusiness
Dr. A. NwobikeLecturer llBusiness
Mr. T.O. OnyesoAssistant LecturerEducational
Mr. H. UchenduAssistant LecturerEducational
Mrs. C.F. OkeahAssistant LecturerEducational Admin. &
Mr. U. N. AnirehAssistant LecturerBusiness
Mrs. T.P, TuwaleGraduate AssistantBusiness
Sam Amos AmaboPrincipal Confidential Secretary
Mrs. Mercy Okalaa-EjiiChief Secretarial
Mrs. DorathyHigher
Mrs. Barikuma ChikeAdministrative


The Department of Business Education presently runs Undergraduate and Postgraduate programmes leading to the award of B.Sc in Business Education with Options in Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Management, Marketing and Office Management and Technology.  The Department at Postgraduate level runs Master of Education (MEd), Master of Science (MSc) with specialization in Accounting, Entrepreneurship and Office Management and Technology. The PhD programme in the Department is encompassing.

The Undergraduate programme is designed to provide adequate and fundamental skills and to deepen the students’ grasp of Business Education as an aspect of Vocational Education. 


The programme provide substantial skills in students and exposes them to the techniques and tools of research.  It also helps students to develop the spirit of enquiry and generally prepare them to face the challenges of the wold of work and solve problems in the field of Business Education in particular and Education in general.  Postgraduate and Undergraduate programmes in Business Education are designed to develop in the students, high level of manpower to enable them pursue careers in Federal and State Ministries, Research Institutes, Local Government Offices, Industries, Educational Institutions, Consultancy and Self- Employed (Entrepreneurs)


Head of Department

Secretary to HOD

SIWES Coordinator

Undergraduate Departmental Examination Officer

Postgraduate Coordinator

CCE Coordinator

Non-Teaching Staff



Departmental Studio and Library

Structure of Department of Business Education

It is important to note that: the Head of Department is the Chief Executive and Administrative Officer of the Department. He or She directs the affairs of the Department by coordinating and supervising the academic and non-academic staff. The Head also ensures that staff carries out their duties diligently and report same to the Vice-Chancellor through the Dean.


The degree programme in Business Education is to produce graduates (teachers) with

affection and orientation for requisite skills and hands-on capabilities that can effectively

teach all business subjects at the post primary level of education and obtain gainful

employment in the public and private sectors.


The objectives of the programme are to:

i. Produce teachers to teach business subjects in schools.

ii. Produce teachers who will engage in professional studies in Business Education.

iii. Produce strong advocates and promoters of viable industries and business enterprises.

iv. Enable graduates of the programme to have intelligent understanding of the increasing complexity of business.