Department of Agricultural Economics And Extension

Dr. Ntinya Cleopas Johnson

The Current Head of Department

Agricultural Economics And Extension

The Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics/Extension undertakes undergraduate programme which offers Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) degree in Agricultural Economics and Extension. The Department also offers postgraduate programmes in Applied Economics. 

The Department offers Senate Approved programmes in Agricultural Economics (Applied Economics), International Economics and Finance (Applied Economics), Environmental Economics and Policy (Applied Economics), Agricultural Extension and Rural Sociology and Social Work and Community Development.

Staff list in the Department

Elenwa, Caroline ObinedoReaderAcademic
Isife, Benjamin IfeanyichukwuProfessorAcademic;
Nlerum, Franklin EzihoProfessorAcademic;
Emah, George Nwimene ProfessorAcademic
Harry, Ariamebo TobinSenior LecturerAcademic /
Leton De-Great, Kasi BlessingLecturer llAcademic
Adolphus, Gold (Mrs)Assistant LecturerAcademic
Manoa, Eveth ArthurAssistant LecturerAcademic
Otto, Chisa Bridget (Mrs)Assistant LecturerAcademic
Assor, Gloria WigoSenior Confidential SecretaryNon-Academic
Iwedi, Kelechi JohnAdministrative Officer llNon-Academic
Elenwo, Waku Peggy Higher Executive OfficerNon-Academic
Agwor, Monica OdicheAssistant Executive OfficerNon-Academic
Nwaokoro, Peace Senior Clerical OfficerNon-Academic Staff


  • The undergraduate programme is designed to provide fundamental knowledge and then deepen the students’ grasp of agriculture, economics and extension. It also introduces them to the techniques and tools of research, develops in them, the spirit of enquiry and generally prepares them to face challenges and solve problems in the field of Agricultural Economics and Extension.
  • The Objective of the postgraduate programme is to train and produce professionally and technologically qualified persons to meet the professional man-power requirements of the state and Nigeria in general.


The fundamental philosophy of the Department at the undergraduate level is to equip students with knowledge of economics, and extension.