The Current Head of Department

Chemical Pathology

The Department of Chemical Pathology is one of the Departments in the Pathology (Laboratory Medicine) arm of the Faculty of Basic Clinical Sciences in the College of Medical Sciences of the University. Chemical Pathology is a multi-faceted discipline which intersects with a number of specialties in medicine and involves the study of alterations of biochemical compositions and mechanisms that occur in various disease processes and conditions. 

The Department came into existence in the University following the establishment of the College of Medical Sciences in the University in 2018 and following the upgrading of the former Braithwaite Memorial Hospital to the Rivers State Teaching Hospital (RSUTH)The Department is gradually evolving to provide undergraduate/postgraduate academic programs, research activities, laboratory and clinical services at the newly upgraded RSUTH with the current Acting Head of Department overseeing both units in the Rivers State University and RSUTH.

Staff list in the Department

NameRankArea Of SpecializationEmail
Dr. Collins AmadiSenior Lecturer/Ag. HODGeneral Endocrinology, Metabolic Disorders, Cancer Biology COVID-19
Professor Chituru G. OrluweneProfessorMetabolic Syndrome Metabolic
Dr. Emmanuel M. OwamagbeLecturer IMetabolic Bone
Dr. Bright C. AmadiLecturer
Dr. Kelachi T. WalaLecturer IIMetabolic
Nkeiruka J. AmadiResearch Lab.
Ibama OnengiyeoforiTechnologist IMedical Lab.
Arit Okechukwu NwoguTechnologist IMedical Lab.
Ekwueme ChiomaTechnologist IMedical Lab.
Nyeche Ihunda JoyTechnologist IMedical Lab.
Onuigwe Elsie AfomaTechnologist IMedical Lab.
Egbunefu Lilian OluchiTechnologist IMedical Lab.
Osiagor JosephineTechnologist IMedical Lab.
Wenekanma Ruth TeddyAdmin


The Department is a service Department with its major duties and responsibilities been to handle courses for the undergraduate first year clinical students (400 level) of the University and also renders diagnostic services to RSUTH.



Specifically, the major academic function of the Department is to demonstrate and impart to students and clinicians the ability to recognize disease based on alteration of normal chemical compositions and biochemical mechanisms that occur with disease processes.


To effectively carry out its duties and responsibilities, the Department is structured into Academic and Clinical Service Units.

At the Academic Unit of the Department domiciled within the Rivers State University, we have adequate manpower and well-structured course content.

At the Clinical Service Unit of the Department with its operational base in RSUTH, we have in addition to the Medical Consultants, well-trained Medical Laboratory Scientists that conduct biochemical laboratory tests in addition to generating reliable laboratory tests results while the consultants interpret these results, conducts clinical consultations and expose the first year clinical students to patients with selected metabolic cases and those undergoing dynamic biochemical tests in the Metabolic Clinic of the Department.

The current Acting Head of Department oversees both Units in the University and RSUTH.


Chemical Pathology is a dynamic specialty that appeals to individuals with a strong sense of intellectual curiosity, the ability to communicate and collaborate with other physicians, and the desire to teach. The program provides unlimited opportunities for the students to obtain the relevant theoretical, laboratory and clinical skills needed to excel in other core clinical courses during their sojourn in the Medicine/Surgery program. Each member of the Department is committed to sharing and expanding his/her knowledge and experience in line with the teaching mission of the program.


The objectives of the Department include:

  • To inculcate in the students, during their training in the Department, the ability to recognize and make clinical diagnosis based on the biochemical changes in various disease conditions through well-structured and delivered lectures, practical, tutorials, seminars, and clinical scenarios.
  • To render diagnostic and consultancy services to RSUTH.
  • To expand the frontiers of knowledge through well-organized and properly executed research work.
  • To carry out such other duties as shall as shall be vested in it by the University authority.
  • To join hands with other departments of the University in the production of high level manpower for the nation’s health care delivery system.
  • To ensure that our products (students and graduates) can compete with others of the same level all over the world.